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  • Our innerspring mattresses have a unique 3 layer design: Our covers vary from cotton to bamboo cover depending what you prefer for your baby. Layer 2 comprises of the thermally bonded fibre pad and wadding which is safer and more supportive.

    This will ensure that the crib meets the minimum safety requirements promulgated by the CPSC Consumer Product Safety Commission , as well as voluntary safety standards issued by the American Society for Testing and Materials. When your baby is a new child, the crib mattress could be positioned at the highest position, to be able

    All babyhood padding and wadding is made using heat bonded polyester fibre. Polyester fibre is a great form of padding and provides a firm and elastic sleeping surface for your baby. Our breathe eze fibre is made from polyester which is a non-toxic , non harmful and a low VOC product.

    Polyester fibres are strong and the size of our fibres are large, so they are non respirable and therefore prevent airborne fibre occurrence. This limits any chance of becoming a potential airborne pollutant and are therefore much better for your baby. There is no foam in our breathe eze fibre mattresses.

    We also do not use foam as it is highly combustible and often requires the addition of formaldehyde and fire retardants.

    white timber cot White timber cot

    There are no fire retardants or formaldehyde in our mattresses as our breathe eze fibre is inherently flame retardant and does not flare up like other textiles. So there are no binders, adhesives or blowing agents which may have significant health impacts over time.

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  • Layer 3 comprises of the spring and frame construction. The babyhood Innerspring Range uses high quality bonnell springs which provide exceptional support for your growing baby, for years to come. Bonnell springs are hourglass-shaped and the ends of the wire are knotted or wrapped around the top and bottom circular portion of the coil and tied. All the individual springs are then tied together using spring wire, and the completed structure is reinforced with a strong border wire to retain the shape and form a mat.

    A round helical crosswise connects each single spring to a spring unit.

    white timber cot White timber cot

    Different thickness being the gauge of wire in the springs makes a harder or softer mattress. For babies the Australian Standard recommends a firmer mattress, so our mattresses have a lower gauge. The number of springs per mattress type is one of the key quality characteristics of a Bonnell spring mattress which makes our babyhood mattresses the best choice for your baby. So your baby is better supported on a babyhood innerspring mattress. It is now easy to make the safest choice for your baby with a babyhood breathe eze mattress.

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