cot in bedroom Cot in bedroom

New Zealand Total posts: I'm finding it so hard to move baby out of our bedroom sad She's 4 months old and sleeps in her bassinette in our bedroom.

Bassinets should not be used once your baby can roll over or pull themselves up the side of the bassinet, which is usually around months of age. Gordon's film starts with a laughing Telan being gently bounced on the bed by her mother. The first week in the cot was quite unsettled as she was learning to crawl at this time so she would wake herself up by moving around so much and start doing laps of the cot.

She has her own bedroom that I've fully decorated and has everything that she needs. The cot is super cute and I actually enjoy spending time in her bedroom with her. However, when it comes to sleep time, I cannot even begin to imagine that she could be sleeping in another room. I feel I need for her to be close to us incase she chocks at night from her own salaiva which she does!

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  • She still fits in the bassinette but I can see that she will need more space soon. I find it so silly of me to move the cot into our bedroom just so she would stay close..

    How can i get over this worry and make the move?

    cot in bedroom Cot in bedroom

    Have any other mums gone through this before? Please help sad Posted Wednesday 26 May Obviously if she's getting too big for her bassinet for safety reasons she'll have to move, but there's still no reason she can't be in her cot in your bedroom if that's what you'd like. You've just gotta do what's right for you.

    Official guidelines tell parents to keep babies in the parent s room until they are 6 months old. Falls To prevent injuries such as concussion and bone fractures from falls when trying to climb out, footholds are not permitted. As with any major change, doing it during the day time is often a lot easier for everyone.

    If you're absolutely ready to make the move though, try putting her bassinet basket in the cot itself for a few days. We took awhile to do it to make the move as easy as possible for him.

    It is really daunting at first though. But honestly - wait until you're ready Posted Wednesday 26 May My DD was in her bassinet in our room until she outgrew it when she was just over 5 months.

    The first few nights were really hard, I used to just stare at the baby monitor, but she was fine.

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  • If you are worried about choking, why don't you buy a respitory monitor? You keep a monitor in your room and it will sound an alarm if bubs stops breathing.

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    Maybe for the first few nights, you could set up a mattress in her room for added peace of mind? It's a big step, and one that you have to ready for, but in the end, it's for the best. Good luck smile Posted Wednesday 26 May

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