bunk bed quilted bed cap coverlet Bunk bed quilted bed cap coverlet

Making the sheets for them is not all that hard. I made crib sheets for my son Batman freak because I couldn't find that theme in crib sheets. How I did it is: Measure the top width and length of the mattress.

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  • Figure out how much you want to go under the sheet. I used 3", because kids are forever pulling the crib sheets off. Cut the material to the length and width indicated in step 3. From the corners, cut in on a diagonal to the following figure: Take the depth of the mattress sides and add the "under" figure and subtract 1".

    They range in thickness between 2 and 4 inches. The design in this photo shows how a simple setup with several textures can be absolutely stunning and fuss-free.

    Place the fabric wrong side up on the mattress and fit it to one of the corners. You have to be careful to not shift the material, or the other corners will be off.

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  • I suggest using large straight pins to hold it in place. When fitting the material, use chalk or marking pens to mark the line to sew after fitting. Remove the material from the bed and cut the other corners just like the one you fitted.

    bunk bed quilted bed cap coverlet Bunk bed quilted bed cap coverlet

    Sew the corners for the sheet. I usually try to find material in the width I need, so I only have to hem the ends. Next decision to make is whether you want elastic the entire width of the sheet at the ends or just on the corners.

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    If I remember right, I think I used about 9 - 10" of elastic in the corners of the sheet. I folded the elastic in half and pinned the half point onto the corner seam. Then I sewed the elastic on, stretching to fit around both sides of the seam. After I got the pattern right for the mattress we were using, I made a paper pattern out of that to re-use.

    Only problem is that all mattresses are not made alike, so allowances may have to be made with a different sized mattress. The top sheet would be made the same way, except only putting elastic in one end. The other end, you would put in a deep hem like regular sheets.

    Pillowcases are a breeze, after all that. If you have anymore questions, email me or post back here. Last edited by sharlibird; at

    A coverlet is a lightweight, non-reversible bedspread that is usually either quilted or woven. Duvet cover A decorative and protective covering for a duvet. We take special care of every item we deliver, but we know you want the time to make sure everything is just right.



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