cot beds for dogs Cot beds for dogs

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  • Our Outdoor Dog beds have rubber or vinyl feet to prevent slipping. What style of dog bed is right for your dog? Listed below are some of the common styles of dog beds. We know that not everyone is looking for the type we make and think these definitions may be helpful. We currently make the first four styles. Later we will add links to site that make the other styles.

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  • Elevated Dog Bed or Dog Cot: With the portion of the bed the dog lays on, the mat portion is attached to the bed either by wrapping around the parts of the frame, or in our case attached to the inside of the tubing that makes up the dog bed frame.

    Some pillow based dog beds are marketed for outdoors as well. Chew Resistant Dog Beds: Chew Resistant Dog Beds This can be many different types of beds.

    Many dog beds marketed as ChewProof, or Chew Resistant as nothing more then a marketing term.

    Some beds heat using electricity, while others warm up by retaining a dog's body heat. It has solid fabric around the edges and mesh panels in the centre. It is worth mentioning that it uses a unique Velcro design that lets you tighten the cover very easily when needed.

    Much like the cell phone companies use unlimited data or web access as a marketing term. In fact, they will charge you extra after enough usage. This can be anything from a pillow style dog bed made out of a tough fabric, to a PVC or poly Resin bed were the edge of the mat fabric is enclosed in side the pipes. By enclosing the fabric in the pipes, the chewable surface of the mat is reduced.

    You can guess which one has a higher success rate.

    cot beds for dogs Cot beds for dogs

    After all chew resistant really depends on the dog. One style dog bed may be chew resistant for one dog and not so much for another. Keep in mind that a determined dog will chew trough just about anything. Orthopedic Dog Beds This is usually a dog bed made out of some type of foam.

    Most commonly memory foam. We market our beds as orthopedic outdoor dog beds because of the built in flex that we call comfort by design. This allows for a cushion feel without the foam. This is why we specifically market them as Outdoor Dog Beds. We like to think of it as a nice balance between foam or pillow based bed and tight as drum standard Outdoor Dog Bed.

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    Hammock Outdoor Dog Bed: Hammock Dog Beds This is usually dog bed were the portion of the bed the dog lays on is attached to the frame in only two places. This is were it gets it Hammock name. These beds are usually made of heavier material to support the added pressure the mat puts on the two places it is connected to the frame. This is usually the same as an outdoor dog bed or dog cot. Pet Furniture This is usually dog beds that look like small versions of people furniture. They usually look like couches or beds.

    They tend to be a bit more expensive, but are worth the money if that is what you are looking for. Pillow Beds This is usually a dog bed made out of some type of pillow stuffing or foam.

    cot beds for dogs Cot beds for dogs

    There are tons of these on the market and even Costco regularly carries them. These are great for indoors.



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