cot bed plans blueprints Cot bed plans blueprints
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  • Pick out the straightest boards you can find. I always reinforce my joints with wood glue for extra strength. This makes the floor of your crib. Then add the other 1x4 on the side with your pocket holes on the underside of the floor. This will be the short side that goes against the bed, but keeps your mattress in place. I don't know why I didn't get a picture of this! Putting a piece of half inch plywood under the 1x12 gives you a nice little indent for the inside of your crib and a deeper one for the outside.

    Gives it a more professional look! Then space the rest of the slats 2 inches apart.

    These Family Handyman readers put their woodworking and carpentry skills to good use, designing fun and functional bunk bed plans and beds for their kids, their guest rooms, and themselves. This makes the sides slope downwards, increasing the complexity of this crib. After the construction phase is over, this co-sleeper crib was painted white to match Rebecca's room and furniture.

    Add your 1x4 on the bottom. Notice how the screws are off-set to keep the slats from being able to swivel. It is really important to cut the slats perfectly square and all exactly the same length, otherwise you will have trouble getting everything to line up.

    Mine certainly did not turn out perfect but you would never notice it now: Fill the Pocket Holes and sand away! It is much easier to fill pocket holes before the project is put together. You can use either wood filler or wooden pegs that are made to slide in the hole.

    Here I used both of them. Follow directions on package and sand smooth. Also sand all surfaces as desired and any rough edges. The tops of the four corner posts especially should have their edges rounded and sanded smooth. Ah, there goes my little secret!

    cot bed plans blueprints Cot bed plans blueprints

    In case you were wondering; no, I did not get it perfect either. By standing it on the end, you can use pocket holes on the underside of the floor to fasten the ends.

    mia cot bed set grey

    No need to fill pocket holes when you won't see them! I also put a screw in the 1x4 on the side. Make sure the 1x4 is on the bottom and the 1x3 on the top.

    cot bed plans blueprints Cot bed plans blueprints

    All ready for a coat of paint! It just might be ready before this baby comes Make sure you get 'low odor, no VOC' paint as it is less toxic, and give it time to cure before putting baby in it.

    If you can still smell it then it is still releasing toxins. Ah, I am pretty well pleased how it turned out!

    What changes did we make? Suggested materials for this project are poplar and mdf.

    Here is the mattress I got for it and it fit perfectly! I also got this cover to go over the mattress. I am really pleased with both of them. I found this site that has simple instructions how to make baby bedding.

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  • Okay little munchkin, your bed is ready, you can come now! With a smooth floor it should be fastened to the bed somehow, maybe by tying the legs to your bed board.



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