cot bed padding Cot bed padding

These bumpers have been designed to fit each rail neatly. Available in wipe clean material or fully machine washable for infection control.

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  • Three lengths available, with open ends. When lowered no part of the padding will come into contact with the floor.

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  • Available in wipe clean material. The Basic wipe clean bumper has a foam inner and full length hook and loop fastenings along the bottom edge. Available in extra high to fit high rails when an extra overlay is being used. To prevent a patient from pushing limbs between the cot sides and mattress.

    cot bed padding Cot bed padding

    The mattress holds the unit in place. To avoid entrapment and follow the requirements of the MHRA Medicines and Healthcare Products Registry Agency Our latest cotside bumpers incorporate a highly permeable base sheet which connects the two cotside bumpers and forms a safety net to prevent limbs falling through under the rails.

    To aid removal the secure teacosy closed ends have hook and loop fastenings.

    The inside of the mattress is lined with a water resistant material which stops liquids from seeping into the inside of the mattress. So we bow have 4 in rotation.

    Double end flaps to wrap round head and foot end of bed to close gaps. All round protection achieved by using full length side bumpers with head and foot board padding.

    Document HSG 95 Made from durable polyester outer fabric and a soft to the touch fibre filled inner.

    cot bed padding Cot bed padding

    Held in place with Velcro straps. Size at its widest point to 89 cm, height 58 cm. A draw sheet attaches to the mattress with quick release buckles.

    The mattress is naturally hypoallergenic which helps to prevent allergies, dust mites and skin irritations. Alternatively, you could use a mattress protector, which covers the mattress to stop it getting wet if the baby dribbles or their nappy leaks.

    On to the strip fixes a 20cm high wedge 90cm long. Covered in a washable F. Made with closed ends or open ended in various lengths these are available in fully washable and wipe clean material. Made with closed ends or open ended in various lengths these are available in wipe clean material, in cream.

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  • CSHP1 Deep pile polyester fleece, comfortable, air permeable and washable, hook and loop along the full length to close. When the patient is subjected to fits — this model will allow air to pass through.

    cot bed mattress for 3 year old

    The protectors are held firmly in place by 3 or 4 vertical hook and loop straps, depending on the length. Padded top rail and clear sides.



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