cot bed flat sheets stars Cot bed flat sheets stars

A basic plastic sheet is the cheapest option, but these tend to make babies sweaty and rustle a lot.

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  • Fabric protectors made from layers of absorbent material are more expensive but a lot comfier to sleep on. They come in different sizes to fit Moses basket, crib, cot or cot bed, and are usually made of a soft fabric like cotton jersey or terry towelling.

    You can buy luxury blankets in fabrics like pure wool, merino or cashmere, but these are harder to wash and dry and are very expensive. Flat sheets can also be used but are trickier to put on and often get rumpled up.

    cot bed flat sheets stars Cot bed flat sheets stars

    Baby blankets are generally cellular with lots of little holes in them or fleece; both of these materials are breathable and quick drying. An alternative to using sheets and blankets is to use a swaddling wrap or baby sleeping bag.

    These are only suitable up to about four months, but can help little babies sleep more soundly. Sleeping bags come in a variety of thicknesses, and are designed to stop your baby kicking off his blanket, getting tangled up in it, or pulling it over his head.

    Coordinated nursery bedding bundles often come with pillowcases, duvet covers and bedspreads. Although these can look lovely in the nursery, you should never give a pillow or duvet to a baby under 12 months, as it increases the risk of cot death. Finally, cot bumpers are padded fabric barriers that tie on the inside of the cot bars.

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  • These are intended to stop your baby bashing into the cot bars, but they have been associated with accidents when babies are old enough to roll around the cot and entangle themselves in the ties. Need to know To reduce the risk of SIDS, the safest place for your baby to sleep is in a cot with no loose bedding or cot bumper.

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    Your baby should sleep on his back, with his feet at the bottom of the cot. Blankets and top sheets should be tucked in tightly at his shoulder height, or you can use a baby sleeping bag.

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    In the height of summer, he may need to sleep in just a nappy with no covers. Before 12 months, you can cover your baby with flat sheets and blankets, or use a baby sleeping bag. Cot bumpers are best avoided, and must be removed once your baby is mobile.

    Finally, cot bumpers are padded fabric barriers that tie on the inside of the cot bars. No refund of fees will be considered if a claim has been made under Your Contract. Damage caused by insects, non domestic animals or wild birds; 5.

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