east coast austin cot bed mattress East coast austin cot bed mattress

These cot beds are stylish yet practical and affordable. The Obaby Lisa has the perfect size for your baby and room; big enough to hold your baby while small enough to fit into any nursery or bedroom.

With 3 mattress positions, the Obaby Lisa Cot Bed is built for comfort, safety, and accessibility. The Obaby Lisa is a multipurpose piece that will save you money in the long run.

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  • Rather than purchase a separate cot and bed for your tot, you can simply remove the sides and split the ends to convert it into a toddler bed when the time is right.

    The teething rails ensure that your baby does not hurt himself when he starts to chomp on the sides. The Obaby Lisa measures x 87 x 12 cm and a mattress of x 69 cm will fit snugly. This cot bed has garnered a lot of praise from verified Amazon customers, including these: Needed a cot and this was our ultimate choice.

    Made from durable wood, the Austin is a sturdy baby cot bed built for style and comfort. Featuring two fixed sides and two detachable ends, the Austin seamlessly transitions into a toddler bed when your baby outgrows the original cot size. The tongue and groove end panels with curved corners give the cot bed a sturdy, modern look. It also has three base heights for quick adjustment of mattress level. This is particularly handy when your baby starts to grow and demands more space for sitting and standing.

    The digital edition of this book may not contain all of the images found in the physical edition. A rating below that may lead to a second thought before purchasing the item as it might not offer the value for money. Made from durable wood, the Austin is a sturdy baby cot bed built for style and comfort.

    The Austin measures x This stylish cot bed is only available in white finish. Many customer reviews support this observation. Bought this after falling for another brand which was on an offer. The offer was too good to be true as the bed was made of heavy mdf with foil fake white wood grain. This purchase was made instead and this wooden, white factory low sheen spray painted cot excels in every way.

    Made of lightweight but robust pinewood, the Obaby Beverley lives up to its billing, with great features and a reasonable price tag.

    east coast austin cot bed mattress East coast austin cot bed mattress

    The Obaby Beverley features a sleek modern design and comes in white or country pine. Its height-adjustable base allows for 3 mattress levels that accommodate your baby at different stages of growth.

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    The middle level is best suited to bed mode while the deepest level provides the needed extra room as your baby starts to grow and learns to pull himself up on his cot bed. The sides are high enough — even in the highest mattress level — and have teething rails to protect your baby and the cot from damage when he starts munching on the edge of the sides.

    The Obaby Beverley requires a mattress size of cm x 69cm.

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  • A couple of Amazon buyer reviews speak volumes for this cot bed: She is loving the space to move around in and play and having the teething bars already on the cot is a huge plus. It arrived flat packed with simple instructions and was easy to assemble.

    east coast austin cot bed mattress East coast austin cot bed mattress

    It feels sturdy and made with quality wood. Summary While there are many types and models, choosing the best baby cot bed does not have to be hard. The Obaby Lisa Cot Bed has good aesthetics and is the perfect size for a bedroom or nursery. The East Coast Austin Cot Bed gives your baby all the room he needs to grow and experiment while keeping him safe.

    And finally, the Obaby Beverley Cot Bed strikes the right balance between looks, a sturdy construction, and price.



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