toddler sleeping cot Toddler sleeping cot

Sleep Hi, I have just joined and I am desperate. My son is 15 months old and will not sleep.

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  • I even have fights to get him to nap during the day — only good thing is he is well-behaved in the daytime. Last night I got in from work at I had to go for a drive in tears and leave him with hubby as I had had enough!

    The most important thing that you can do is to be as calm as you can at bedtime. A sure sign that a child needs to be transferred to a bed is when they persist in attempting to climb out of the cot or are successful in escaping! Potential dangers include babies falling out of bed, getting overheated under a duvet, or being suffocated by their parents, pillows or loose bedding.

    I am so exhausted and came on line to try and find out about Phenergan!!! I feel like such a bad mum! Did you resolve your problem and if so how?!!!!!!!

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  • Hi Moms and Dads, I just want to recap to all of you on this page the importance of steering clear of medication in order to get your toddlers off to sleep. Between roughly around 12 and 15 months your kids will wake up during the night to test the boundaries of rules and the schedule you have set for them. With regards to their development milestones, this is also a stage when kids get rather clingy and some even have separation anxiety.

    toddler sleeping cot Toddler sleeping cot

    Also, this is the prime time in their lives for colds, teething, growth spurts and a change in behavior. Nothing will change when a child cannot fall asleep or stay asleep until the parent is in a positive mind frame of accepting this phase and is ready to positively resolve the problem.

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  • Make sure they have a bedtime routine that allows you to spend enough time with your child to create a wind down period. Make sure their nappies are dry, the room is warm, they are warm, and have someone to comfort them when they need it. Make sure your child has a solid routine for bedtime, mealtime and playtime. Make sure before you go to bed at night, as parents you ask to receive for more patience.

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    What I am reading here is all a natural stage of childhood development and completely normal for a child of toddler age to undergo provided that they are not suffering from a cough, fever, or other illness. Please use a sleeping technique. You have seen me use my own version of the control crying technique, and it successfully works.

    What all children need is a decent bedtime. For toddlers, I would suggest waking up no later than 3pm from their nap time and then having them go to bed at 7 pm. Please parents, no drugs!

    If your kids are ill, they need love and nursing. When they are better, use this information that I am giving you to create as much consistency in their routines as possible.



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