newborn baby cot Newborn baby cot

Safe Sleeping for Newborn Babies At Knuma we want parents to enjoy their Huddle Bedside Crib and that means for our own peace of mind, that it is used safely..

There is an array of advice and we recommend all new parents to familiarise themselves with advice from the NHS and the Lullaby Trust, see further down this article for links to their websites. Unless directed otherwise by your doctor, following safe sleep advice and guidelines by placing the baby on their back to sleep or rest.

Do not be tempted to place a baby on their tummy. Please ensure that if the crib is being used as a standalone crib that the side is up and fully secured. If the Huddle is being used as a bedside crib or co sleeper cot , we advise that the side should be raised with the zips up and fully secured whenever the baby or parents are sleeping. It is important that the baby is not left unattended when the side is lowered. Also, in co sleeping mode — ensure that the crib is firmly attached as close as possible to the bed with the secure straps provided.

Always read and follow the warnings and instructions provided with the Huddle. If you own a second-hand crib without the instructions, or have lost the instructions, you can email info knuma.

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  • Only use a Kuma Huddle branded mattress. This can be ordered separately from Knuma and Knuma stockists.

    Our mattresses are manufactured in the UK by the leading baby mattress manufacturer and are custom made, fitting the crib perfectly. Our mattresses are fully tested and comply with all UK safety standards.

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    Mattresses bought elsewhere cannot always be guaranteed to hold the same safety certification. Please do not place anything on top or underneath the mattress. Only cot sheets should be placed over the mattress and ideally, ensure that the sheets are cotton organic cotton sheets made specifically for the Huddle are available to purchase on this site. Do not tilt the mattress. Never use a bumper or padded sides with the Huddle as they may cause a suffocation risk.

    Knuma cannot accept liability for any modified cribs. Our cribs are tested solely for use as shown in the instructions for the 4 adaptions of the furniture. When your child is able to roll, sit, kneel or pull itself up the Huddle should no longer be used as a crib, bedside crib or bassinet. This is usually at around the age of 6 months but differs from child to child. However, at this point the Huddle can be transformed into a desk and bench which can be used by your child for another 12 years!

    Nappy rash usually clears up after about three days if you follow these hygiene tips. Ask whether staff have been trained in fitting car seats. But a whole lotta moms find that the crib is not so much for snoozing as for screaming.

    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us and for further information regarding safe sleeping for you and your baby we recommend visiting the below websites for advice and guidelines; NHS What People Say I bought the Knuma Huddle for my daughter who was born February She used the bedside cot until she was about seven months and getting a bit long for it.

    The cot was definitely one of the best items we bought for her early days. It was well made, easy to assemble and use, and made our early night-time experiences together much easier. As if that wasn't fantastic enough, the actual purchasing of the cot gave me some of the best customer service I have ever received.

    Thank you for a wonderful product and customer experience.

    Well, I know what the compromise is in my family. In the first weeks of life, babies sleep for an average of 16 to 18 hours a day.

    I recommend Knuma to others at every opportunity, and hope that those involved with the company are, quite rightly, proud of it. Susannah McLaughlan Thank you so much for all your support with the purchase of the Huddle we love it!!

    Our little one loves it and unfortunately is such a jumbo baby that he might grow out of it sooner than 6 months!

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  • You will have to create a cot version so we can upgrade! Saskia 5 Really lovely crib - it's really stable and looks good too! I think that the system grows with your child is really cool. Lucy Bostock 5 Absolutely love our Knuma Huddle - a really well-designed, sturdy piece of furniture that straps securely to our bed.

    Our son is very comfortable and sleeps well in it and I'm sure will love using it as a desk in future! I really like that it'll have a future use once he's grown out of the crib. Highly recommend the Huddle - and lovely people running the company too; my son was early which took us all by surprise, but they were very responsive and got the crib to us as quickly as possible.

    Jane Wooders 5 I came across the Knuma Huddle bedside crib after being unable to find another crib that would reach the dizzy heights of our new 70cm high bed! Not only does this crib look fantastic we chose white but the grey and beech versions are also super stylish it is extremely well made, comfortable for baby and looks great in our white and grey bedroom. It has made life so much easier too with night feeds after my c-section, with my baby boy being right next to me, but safe at the same time.

    I love the fact how versatile and multi-functional this crib is too - once my baby has outgrown it, it converts into a desk and bench which will be a fabulous addition to his room - Many thanks Knuma.

    newborn baby cot Newborn baby cot

    Faye Korol This chair is honestly one of the best items I have in my house for my little boy! I started using it when he was 12 months old so the mid-size position was great for when he was sitting at the table eating but now he is 18 months old he totally adores the table and the chair position. Ms Rebecca Bouch I don't usually write reviews but I love this high chair. I wish I had it for my first child.

    It is so easy to use and keep clean. It also looks brilliant!!!! Janey K I'm very happy with this chair. My son seems content and comfortable during feeding times. The tray is quite large compared to others i've seen and is easy to wipe clean. We went for the red seat cushion which is a nice vibrant shade. I'd be happy to recommend it to my friends. Patsy This chair has a European feel about it.

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  • It arrives flatpacked, but assembly is fairly straightforward. The chair is quite versatile in that it is intended to perform a useful purpose throughout the lifetime of your child.

    I think the design of the chair is very good. It has a seatbelt so the infant doesn't fall out, and the fact that the thing is customizable means that this item retains its usefulness for longer than an ordinary highchair.



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