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  • He doesn't need anything, does he? But a fleece baby wrap might ward off a chill. It works by releasing warm steam into the atmosphere, helping relieve congestion and alleviate cough and cold symptoms.

    The designing is done with white and brown colour combination. Carry cots or Moses Baskets Antique or decorative cots.

    Some models, for example NScessity's Warm Mist Humidifier , have medicinal compartments where you can add a decongestant to further aid relief. Sheepskin has temperature-regulating properties to keep babies warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Research reported in The Lancet found that it also has a soothing, swaddling effect that can result in better sleep, reduced stress and improved weight gain. You can buy mats and lined footmuffs for pushchairs but I would recommend the versatile sheepskin liner.

    It is tailored in shape with harness holes so that it can be used in a Moses basket, pushchair, car seat, baby bouncer or crib. Sleeping a newborn on sheepskin on their back only is recommended until a baby is able to roll, at which point the sheepskin should be removed. A sleeping bag requires far less effort when it comes to making the cot before or after each nap and sleep - but this is not the only reason for its success.

    best baby cot Best baby cot

    Sleeping bags eliminate the concern many parents have that their baby will slip under the bedding and suffocate. Furthermore they put a stop to your baby kicking off its covers and waking up cold. Sleeping bags are also great for travelling, something familiar in an unfamiliar environment, especially useful at bedtime. They come in different togs for winter and summer seasons, but I would particularly recommend a merino wool sleeping bag which like the sheepskin has temperature regulating properties and can be used all year round.

    It is carefully shaped so that your snugly wrapped baby can be strapped into their car seat or pushchair as necessary, and with its Velcro fastening it is simple to unwrap when inside warm shops and then rewrap when out in the cold - all without waking a sleeping baby. It also looks gorgeous and will last for approx months. A brushed cotton version is also available. It also provides much needed lower back support with its strap around padded lumbar back cushion. I have always been a fan of the Tripp Trapp highchair.

    The delivery was very quick as I ordered it yesterday. The Department of Health has information on how to reduce the risk of cot death.

    I like the company's philosophy that your child benefits from being included at the family table, and the product's ability to evolve from a high chair to an adult chair. It even encourages great posture and is good for your back.

    With the addition of the newborn kit, this chair can now be used from birth, whereas before it was only suitable from seven months.

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  • Of course, a newborn baby has no need for a highchair in terms of feeding, but being able to have your baby at table height from an early age, rather than on the floor beside you in a bouncy chair, is a real bonus in terms of interaction, communication and bonding with your baby. A baby on the floor will be thrown an odd glance and an odd smile, whereas a baby at the table will really be a part of your mealtime.

    As a soft back carrier it really comes into its own and can be used for children up to the age of four. Similar to the Ergo carrier in design, the Manduca does not require any additional accessory to use from birth all the way through to toddler.

    Whatever pushchair you are considering it is worth being aware of the Baby Jogger City Mini. It can be purchased with an optional carrycot, and its patented one-handed folding technology is very easy to use.

    It's a good price, and is unbeatable for travel and for folding into the boot of the car. Using a hands free bath support takes away the fear and means you can enjoy bathing and playing with your baby.

    best baby cot Best baby cot

    There are a variety of options available but I prefer the moulded plastic variety as their structured shape means you have no fear that your baby can slide off, although of course you must never leave your baby unattended in the bath.

    Most babies respond very well to swaddling, as it is a physical reminder of the security of the womb where the baby's movements were confined. It also suppresses the Moro reflex which causes newborns to unintentionally fling out arms and legs and wake themselves up.

    When first swaddling, knowing how to wrap the baby and how tight to make the swaddle is a bit daunting, so I love the shaped cotton swaddles such as the Miracle Blanket that make it foolproof. One of the lightest travel cots 5kg and by far one of the easiest to assemble it just pops open it comes with a comfortable padded mattress - probably a first for travel cots!

    Can be used from birth until approx.

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  • A natural rubber newborn toy, she has become a best seller through word of mouth and parental recommendation, because babies get on so well with her! A very sensory toy, she provides visual stimulation with her contrasting skin pattern; audio stimulation and an introduction to cause and effect by her squeaking; and her long legs and neck are very easy for the baby to grasp.

    The natural rubber smell makes her easy for a baby to identify from all their other toys and what's more when it comes to teething, Sophie's legs reach parts other teethers can not reach and she is ideal for soothing sore gums. For more details visit babyconcierge.

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